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Casa de Pilatos Seville

Visit the Andalusian Palace on the Plaza de Pilatos (Sevilla)

Casa de Pilatos Seville

Visit Casa de Pilatos in Seville? Tickets and information about this 16th century palace at Plaza de Pilatos, a hidden gem of Seville.

Visit Casa de Pilatos in Seville

Info & Tickets Casa de Pilatos Sevilla

Address Plaza de Pilatos, 1 Seville

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Palace on the Plaza de Pilatos

The palace of Casa de Pilatos is located in the Plaza de Pilatos in the district of Santa Cruz in Seville. the Casa de Pilatos was built in the 16th century by order of Don Pedro Enriquez and later by his son Fadrique Enriques de Ribera. This is the most beautiful palace in Seville, after the Alcazar of course, and it is one of the most best-preserved buildings from the 16th century. The "House of Pilatos" is named after the house of Pontius Pilate, which they tried to emulate, and by whom Fadrique Enriques de Ribera was inspired during his pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Casa de PilatosPatio of Casa de Pilatos in Seville
Casa de Pilatos SevilleGardens of Casa de Pilatos

Architectural styles of Casa de Pilatos

Different styles were combined in the construction of this palace, such as Gothic, Mudéjar and Italian Renaissance styles. The Casa de Pilatos has a beautifully decorated patio with a well and fountain. As you walk through the arches of the patio, you will see 24 busts of Roman emperors and Greek gods. In addition, the palace has many marble columns and floors, long corridors, ceiling paintings, large wooden doors, mudéjar tiles (Azulejos), chapels and especially a beautiful and colourful palace garden in Italian style.

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Casa de Pilatos Sevilla

Visit Casa de Pilatos

Nowadays, this palace is still partly inhabited and is the residence of the 18th Duchess of Medinacelli and her family. Visit Casa de Pilatos and see how the aristocrats used to live. You can easily book your tickets online for the tour of the beautiful Casa de Pilatos.

Where is Casa de Pilatos in Seville?

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