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Ronda day trip from Seville (Spain)

Visit Ronda Spain: What to do and best day tours from Seville

Visit Ronda Spain

Ronda with its impressive gorge is one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia. Read all about visiting the sights in Ronda Spain as a day trip from Seville.

Visit Ronda in Spain

Fifty kilometers inland from the Costa del Sol and 128 kilometers from Seville lies one of the most beautiful towns of Andalusia, namely Ronda. The city in Spain with 33,877 inhabitants is located in a mountainous area and is at an altitude of 750 meters. The city is split in two by the Guadalevín River, which has left a deep gorge. This deep gorge, or the Tajo de Ronda, is also what Ronda has become famous for.

Ronda day trip from Seville
Ronda Spain

The history of Ronda as a city even goes back to the prehistoric and Celtic period and under the Romans the lively trading spot was named Arunda ; 'around', a fitting name since you could strategically look around the entire area from the higher city. Like the rest of southern Spain, Ronda was also dominated by the Moors. Many historical buildings in the city date from this period. In 1485 the city returned to the hands of the Christians and many old buildings were adapted to a new Christian role. In the following century, Ronda also became home to the Real Maestranza de Caballería, the oldest and most noble order of horsemanship, where horses were trained for the military.

How to visit Ronda from Seville?

Ronda is located 128 kilometers from Seville. You have the following 3 options to visit Ronda from Seville:

  • Public transport: This is the least attractive option to get to Ronda from Seville. You can take a bus from the Avanza company. The bus ride takes 2.5 hours and you can book tickets on the Avanza website. You can also take the train several times a day (more information via This route goes via Córdoba and takes no less than 3.5 hours.
  • By rental car: This is the best way to visit Ronda, driving directly to Ronda in 1 hour and 45 minutes. I always rent a rental car via, where all rental companies are compared with each other. The advantage of a rental car is that you can also make a detour via beautiful villages such as Arcos de la Frontera, Setenil de las Bodegas and Zahara de la Sierra (compare rental cars on
  • Day trip from Seville: The most comfortable way to visit Ronda is with an organized day trip from Seville. With this Ronda day trip you spend a day on a bus with a guide who takes you to the most beautiful places in Ronda. These day tours are usually combined with some other beautiful white villages on the way. You can choose between two combinations:
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12x Best thing to do in Ronda Spain

Best thing to do in Ronda Spain

1. New bridge

In Ronda there are three bridges over the El Tago gorge: The Puente Romano, the Puente Viejo ('old bridge') and the most famous, the Puente Nuevo ('new bridge'). This impressive bridge of 120 meters high was built in 1751 and it took 42 years to build the bridge that is now the landmark of Ronda. The new bridge connects the old (Moorish) center with the newer El Mercadillo.

📌 Tip: The former town hall, which stands next to the Puente Nuevo, is the beautiful location of a parador overlooking the Tajo Gorge. This parador is recommended if you are looking for a hotel in a unique location in Ronda (more info and bookings).

What to do in Ronda

2. El Tago de Ronda (gorge)

El Tago is the gorge that splits Ronda in two, created by the Guadalevín river. The entire gorge is about 50 meters long and on average 100 meters deep. A beautiful and long walk to get a good view of the gorge with the new bridge is to descend into the valley through the 'Carretera de los Molinos'. A popular place to take photos of Ronda Spain.

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3. Plaza de Toros

Ronda's bullring is unique because it is the oldest stone-made bullring still standing in Spain. The arena for 5000 people was already built between 1779 and 1785 (by the architect of the Puente Nuevo). Nowadays, only a few bullfights are organized each year during the festive week in September. The rest of the year you can visit the neoclassical Plaza de Toros as a museum ('Museo Taurino') to learn more about bullfighting and, for example, the famous Ronda-born torero Pedro Romero.

How to visit Ronda?

4. Old town

The best way to experience the small city is to simply wander through Ronda's narrow winding streets and lovely squares, interspersed with the occasional beautiful panorama. If you have the opportunity, do this in the morning or evening when the busloads of tourists have disappeared. Some sights in the old part: Palacio de Salvatierra, Arco de Felipe V, Murallas de la Cijara, Puente Arabe, the Banos Arabes and the Minaret San Sebastian.

visit ronda spain

5. Museo Lara

Casa Palacio Museo Lara is the life's work of Juan Antonio Lara Jurado. This special museum is located in an 18th century palace and has a private collection of historical weapons, scientific instruments, old machines, carriages, clocks, witchcraft attributes and also a collection of gruesome torture instruments. Casa Palacio Museo Lara is definitely not a standard museum (more info).

Ronda from Seville

6. Baños Arabes

These Arab baths date from the period of the Moroccan Almohad dynasty (around the 13th century). The Arab Baths are considered one of the best preserved bathhouses in Spain. For a few euros you can visit the remains including an informative film (Calle San Miguel, Barrio de Padre Jesús).

Ronda Spain

7. View from Alameda Del Tajo

This is the best viewpoint of Ronda Spain. In the company of street musicians, look for miles over the vineyards, the immense valley and the surrounding mountains. The small park with the 'Alameda del Tajo' is located near the bullfighting arena.


8. Casa Del Rey Moro - descend into the mine

Although the name suggests otherwise, this was never the 'House of the Moorish King'. The house was only built in the 18th century, has a beautiful garden in Moorish style, but the main reason to visit the Casa del Rey Moro is the water mine; a staircase carved into the rock wall to get down to the river. During your visit you can descend the stairs of this water mine yourself.

Ronda Seville

9. Iglesia de Santa Maria la Mayor

This is the most famous church in Ronda, partly because of the statue of Mary 'Nuestra Señora de la Paz'. The construction of this church on the Plaza Duquesa de Parcen took more than 200 years, so the church features Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles.

Ronda Spain

10. Palacio de Mondragon

Palacio de Mondragon is a museum located in a palace with Arabic influences. In this informative museum you can learn more about the history of the region. The palace also has a beautiful garden with a beautiful view on the edge of the cliff (more info).

Ronda Sightseeing

11. Visit a bodega to taste wine

The area around Ronda is an emerging wine region with more than twenty wineries in the region. Mostly family businesses that also open their doors to the public to view the winery and of course taste the wines. The Bodega Garcia Hidalgo, Bodega Dona Felisa, the Joaquin Fernandez Bodega and Bodega Descalzos Viejos in a converted monastery are the most popular bodegas to visit. It is often necessary to reserve in advance.

Setenil de las Bodegas Spain

12. Setenil de las Bodegas (17 km)

Andalusia is known for its many small white villages. One of the most beautiful white villages is Setenil de las Bodegas, which is located only 17 kilometers north of Ronda. What makes this village extra beautiful are the houses that are partly built into the rocks. Definitely a nice detour if you have time left after your visit to Ronda.

Day trip Ronda + Setenil de las Bodegas: If you want to combine Ronda and Setenil de las Bodegas on a day trip from Seville you have to book this day trip Ronda + Setenil de las Bodegas

More things to do in Ronda

Hotels in and near Ronda

Are you still looking for a hotel in or near Ronda Spain? Then you are in luck, because in Ronda you have a wide choice of good hotels. We recommend the following unique or good hotels:

  • Hotel Soho Boutique Palacio San Gabriel: This authentic hotel in the old center is located in a carefully restored villa from the 18th century. The hotel has charm due to its beautiful, classic, Spanish-style interior.
  • Catalonia Ronda: Excellent four-star hotel with spacious, luxurious rooms. Beautiful views from the pool and restaurant on the adjacent Plaza de Toros.
  • Hotel Montelirio: This four-star hotel is located in a 17th century palace on the edge of the gorge. The rooms are classically furnished and have a beautiful view during breakfast.
  • Parador de Ronda: This 4-star hotel is located in Ronda's former town hall and offers spectacular views of the Ronda Gorge. Each room has a private balcony with mountain views.
  • Hotel Boutique Molino del Arco: Are you looking for a quiet stay? Then this rural hotel located 13 kilometers from Ronda, located in a typical Andalusian 'cortijo', is ideal. The converted farm has a beautiful garden with swimming pool and attractively furnished rooms.
Hotels Ronda
Palacio San Gabriel
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Ronda Spanje hotel
Catalonia Ronda
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Beste Hotels Ronda
Hotel Montelirio
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Weather in Ronda Spain

Ronda has a (moderate) Mediterranean climate due to the influences of the Mediterranean Sea and sometimes a slightly cooler wind from the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, the summers are dry and warm, the winters are fairly mild but with slightly more rain. Because Ronda is located on a plateau of 600 meters altitude, the climate is slightly fresher than along the Costa del Sol. The best time to visit Ronda in Spain is from May to October.

Weather Ronda Spain Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Maximum (°C) 11 11 14 16 20 24 29 29 25 19 14 11
Minimum (°C) 2 3 4 6 8 12 15 15 14 10 6 3
Days with rain 14 14 12 12 9 6 3 3 5 10 13 14
Hours of sunshine / day 5 6 7 7 9 10 12 11 8 7 6 5

Where is Ronda located in Spain?

Ronda is located on a plateau in a mountainous area of Andalusia, about 50 kilometers inland from the Costa del Sol. Most visitors will visit the somewhat remote Ronda during a tour of Andalusia. For example, Malaga is 102 kilometers away, Jerez de la Frontera is 116 kilometers away and Seville is 128 kilometers away.

FAQ Ronda in Andalusia

What are the sights in Ronda?

The city is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia. Ronda has a unique location on top of a plateau, where the city is split in two by a deep gorge. The Puento Nuevo Bridge, which connects both halves of this white town, is very picturesque. Other attractions include the Plaza de Toros, the Museo Lara and the Casa del Rey Moro. Read more about the Ronda sights.

What to do around Ronda?

The area around Ronda is an emerging wine region, where you can visit several bodegas. Furthermore, the city is located in the beautiful region of Andalusia, of which the beautiful white village of Setenil de las Bodegas and the Smurf village of Juzcar are not far away. Read more about the Andalusia sights.

Where is Ronda in Spain?

Ronda is located in the Andalusia region in the south of Spain. The town is located 50 kilometers north of the beaches of the Costa del Sol and the large city of Málaga is 105 kilometers away.

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