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The Royal Palace of Seville - Real Alcázar de Sevilla

Real Alcazar Sevilla

Want to visit Alcazar Sevilla, the Royal Palace of Seville? The Real Alcazar is the absolute highlight of Seville, but it has limited access. Read here how to book tickets:

Royal Palace of Seville (Real Alcazar)

Info Alcazar de Sevilla & Tickets


Best on foot, located in the city centre (Address: Patio de Banderas) or Puerta de Jerez metro station

How to buy your Alcazar tickets?

Tip: The Royal Alcazar of Seville has a maximum capacity of 750 visitors. Waiting times during the high season can be extremely long. Full = full. It's recommended to reserve online and skip the waiting lines!

  • Tickets, from 12.50 € / under 16 years old 2 € (Book online)
  • You can also buy a favourable Seville City Pass (Alcazar, Seville Cathedral, optional Public Transport), with which you have all the tickets for Seville together, from 51.50 € (Bookings and information)
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Guided tours

Opening hours

  • October - March: every day from 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • April - September: every day from 9:30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
  • Closed on January 1st and 6th, Good Friday and December 25th
  • From April to October, it is possible to visit the Alcazar in the evening (14 €). There are 4 sessions offered every evening, during which a limited group of people can visit the palace. You can purchase the tickets at the register.

Alcazar of Seville - visit the royal palace

The Real Alcázar de Sevilla is the Royal Palace of Seville. The name 'Alcazar' means castle in Spanish and is derived from the Arabic word al-qasr (fortress or palace). The complex of palaces is in the Mudéjar style, which is a architectural style with many influences from Moorish and Christian culture. It is probably the oldest palace still in use in Europe; when King Felipe V visits Seville, this UNESCO-listed palace is still his residence.

History of Royal Alcazar Palace in Seville

In the year 913, Abd-ar-Rahman III (the first caliph of Al-Andalus) gave the order for the construction of a castle on this site where a Roman fortress once stood. The castle was further expanded into a palace by King Al-Moetamid (the last king of the Abbadid dynasty) in the 11th century. In the 14th century, the Spanish recaptured the palace from the Moors, after which King Alfons X of Castile expanded the palace. In 1364, King Peter I of Castile ('The Cruel') ordered the construction of a new palace, the Alcázar, after which his successors continued to build the palace.

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tickets alcazar sevilleReales Alcazares

Sightseeing in the Royal Palace of Seville

Located in the 'patio of the virgins' is an elongated pond, surrounded by sunken gardens and a gallery with serrated arches with access to the reception rooms. Also impressive is the Salón de Embajadores (Ambassador's Hall), which boasts a magnificent dome made of carved cedar wood.

Another historic building is Casa de Contratación. In this contract house, which dates from 1503, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella received the explorer Columbus. All Spanish trade with the New World was managed from here. It also includes a nautical college led by Vespucci. The Alcazar palace complex also boasts beautiful, extensive gardens: from Moorish, to Renaissance style, with many ponds, exotic trees, shady footpaths and pavilions.

Tips for visiting Real Alcazar

The Real Alcazar Palace is definitely the number one attraction in Seville and should not be missed during your visit of Seville. To avoid the disappointment of standing in long queues in hot temperatures and to prevent sold-out tickets (as no more than 750 visitors can visit this palace at the same time), we recommend that you buy your tickets online during the popular months.

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Alcazar Seville
Alcazar Seville

Video of the Alcazar Palace

Where is the Royal Palace in Seville?

The entrance to the Royal Palace of Seville is located in the historic centre, just behind the cathedral. Here you will find the Plaza del Triunfo with the Archivo de Indias. You will easily find the entrance of the palace from this square.

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