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The Top 10 most beautiful attractions, highlights and places of interest in Seville. An overview of all the sights, museums and other attractions during your visit to Seville.

Top 10 Attractions of Seville

When on a trip to Seville, you will see a diverse range of highlights and sights. Such highlights include the historic city centre with Moorish influences, the royal palace Real Alcazar and the large cathedral with the Giralda tower. In addition, the famous Plaza de España, the green parks and the delicious tapas make Seville in Andalusia one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Here are the 10 most visited attractions of Seville, during your city trip:

Palace Alcazar Seville

1. Alcazar of Seville

'Alcázar Real de Sevilla' is the Royal Palace of Seville. This Moorish palace complex is by far the most famous landmark of the city. The Alcazar palace should not be missed during your city trip. The palace is still in use today by the Spanish King. Due to the limited number of visitors per hour, it is crucial that you buy your tickets in advance. More info about the 'Alcazar'.

Cathedral of Seville & Giralda

2. Cathedral of Seville & Giralda

The 'Catedral de Santa María de la Sede' is one of the largest cathedrals in the world. The cathedral was built over the remnants of a Moorish mosque. The Giralda tower was once part of this mosque. Once in the cathedral, you can admire a treasure trove, the tomb of Columbus and the royal chapel. You can also climb the Giralda tower for a beautiful panorama of the city. More info about the 'Cathedral'.

Plaza de España

3. Plaza de España

The most famous square in Seville is located in the Maria Luisa park. The 'Plaza de España' was created for the Ibero-American exhibition of 1929 to symbolise peace with the former colonies. A highlight of this 'Spanish square' are the 52 benches with Andalusian tiles that represent all Spanish provinces. More info 'Plaza de España'.

Plaza de toros seville

4. Plaza de Toros

'Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza' is the largest bullfighting arena in Spain. Located in the impressive 18th-century bullfighting arena Plaza de Toros is the 'Museo Taurino', a museum on the history of bullfighting in Seville. More info 'Plaza de Toros'.

Barrio de Santa Cruz wijk

5. Santa Cruz district & Historical center

The district of 'Santa Cruz' is the old Jewish quarter. This historic city centre includes important sights such as the Alcazar Palace and the Cathedral. Here, you can wander through a maze of narrow streets, terraces and numerous restaurants. Despite the many tourists, the historic center is a must do during your city trip to Seville. More info 'Santa Cruz'.

Torre del Oro

6. Torre del Oro

The Torre del Oro, or 'Tower of the Gold' is a tower from the 12th century located on the Guadalquivir river. At the time, it was part of the Moorish city wall of Seville and once served as a storage place for gold and as a prison. It now houses a small maritime museum. More info 'Torre del Oro'.

Park Maria Luisa

7. Park 'Maria Luisa'

This green oasis of peace is the most famous public park in Seville. The park was originally part of the grounds of the San Telmo palac. It was donated to the city in 1893 with the aim of being converted into a city park. It is adjacent to the well-known 'Plaza de España' of the Ibero-American exhibition of 1929. You can still find several pavilions of the exhibition in the park. More info.

Casa de Pilatos

8. Casa de Pilatos

The 'Casa de Pilatos' is a 16th century palace in the historic district of Santa Cruz. After the Real Alcazar, this is the most beautiful palace in the Andalusian city, and one of the most well-preserved buildings from this period. It's interesting to get an idea of how the aristocrats used to live. More info 'Casa de Pilatos'.

archaeological museum Seville

9. Archaeological museum

This beautiful building of the Ibero-American exhibition of 1929 contains the 'Museu Arqueológico de Sevilla', or the archaeological museum of Seville and is located on the edge of Maria Luisa Park. You will find provincial treasures of several centuries.

Metropol Parasol

10. Metropol Parasol - Setas de Sevilla

The striking Setas de Sevilla or the 'Mushrooms of Seville' is a special wooden construction dated from 2011 with a panorama terrace, a walking path and an archaeological museum. The terrace of Metropol Parasol is the ideal place to get a drink in the city. More info 'Metropol Parasol'.

Cycling in Seville

11. Cycling in Seville

Surprisingly nice: My personal favorite way to discover this Spanish city is by bicycle. The city has excellent cycle paths and because sights are a reasonable distance apart, you can visit many highlights by bike in one day. Rent a bike yourself or be inspired by a guide with wonderful stories about Seville. More info.

Seville flamenco

12. Flamenco (shows)

Flamenco, dance and music typical of Spain (especially Andalusia), is an old tradition in Seville. Many flamenco shows are given today in authentic tablaos. The district of Triana is the centre of flamenco in Seville. More info and bookings on this page.

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