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Hospital de la Caridad Seville

Charity hospital with the Iglesia de la Caridad de Sevilla

Hospital de la Caridad

Visiting the Hospital de la Caridad de Sevilla? Info and tickets for this beautiful charity hospital with the Iglesia de la Caridad.

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Address C. Temprado, 3, Casco Antiguo, Sevilla
  • Tickets incl. audio guide 8 € (Book your tickets online)
  • 7 - 18 years 2.50 € / under 7 years free admission / over-65s 5 €

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Opening hours
  • Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm (last admission 6:30 pm)
  • Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm (last admission 6:30 pm)
  • Free admission on Sunday from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Hospital de la Caridad

Not far from the Cathedral of Seville is the Hospital de la Caridad. The charity hospital, founded in 1674, is a beautifully designed building and contains a beautiful intact Sevillian church. When you are inside the church building of the Iglesia de la Caridad, you can enjoy beautiful statues and paintings made by famous Sevillian artists such as Pedro Roldan and Valdés Leal. Originally the church also had eight works by Murillo, four of which were stolen by French Marshal Soult during the War of Independence in 1810. These paintings can now be found in several museums outside Spain. Since 2008, reproductions of Murillo's original paintings have been installed to experience the iconographic significance of the church complex.

Hospital de la CaridadPatio of Hospital de la Caridad
Iglesia de la Caridad SevillaIglesia de la Caridad de Sevilla

The Charity Hospital of Seville

Hospital de la Caridad in Seville was originally a hospital and was founded in the 17th century by philanthropist Miguel de Mañara. He lived an adventurous life, but gave it up because his wife died at a young age. From that moment on, he was only interested in caring for sick people, but hungry people and the homeless also received Miguel de Mañara's attention. Mañara was canonized even during his lifetime for his good deeds with the brotherhood of La Caridad.

In addition to the church, Hospital de la Caridad also has a beautiful patio. The patio is flanked on three sides by Tuscan columns topped by semicircular arches and decorated with seven tile panels from 1700. These beautiful Delft blue tiles of Dutch origin depict biblical scenes from the Old Testament and originally belonged to the Monastery of the Descalzos of Cádiz.

From the patio of Hospital de la Caridad you can also enter the old council chamber where a small museum is located. Here you will see preserved objects from Miguel de Mañara, such as a sword and a death mask. There are also some interesting paintings on the walls, including a portrait of Mañara painted by Valdés Leal.

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Hospital de la Caridad sevilla
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