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Day Trips from Seville Spain

11x Best Excursions, Tours & Day Trips from Seville

Day trips from Seville

What to do in the area of Seville and Andalusia? A list of the 11 best excursions, tours and day trips from Seville Spain.

11x Day tours from Seville

Are you staying in Seville for more than three nights or are you taking a tour of Andalusia? Then it may be interesting to take some day trips to discover the amazing surroundings of Seville. Think of fun day trips from Seville to the typical white villages, the beautiful Ronda, but also Córdoba with the famous Mezquita is a very interesting historical city to visit ina day from Seville. These are the best day trips from Seville:

1. Dagtrip Ronda en witte dorpen

Day trips from SevilleDay trip from Seville: Ronda Gorge
Seville excursionsExcursion to Arcos de la Frontera

Seville as a province has a lot to offer and your day trip can start with a tour of the countryside. You will find them during this white villages day trip for example, along fantastic white villages, cliffs, castles or a factory where olive oil is produced. This white villages day trip takes you from Seville to the Andalusian countryside of Zahara de la Sierra. Along the way you will discover the mighty Aguzaderas castle and you can explore the white villages of Zahara de la Sierra and Arcos de la Frontera. You will maybe also stop at the Grazalema olive oil factory along the way and see how olive oil is made. The city of Ronda, 128 kilometers from Seville, can be considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The city has two separate cliffs as its foundation and these cliffs are connected by a bridge. During a tour of Andalusia, a visit to Ronda should be on your bucketlist. Read more about 'How to visit Ronda?' or go to the website to book your Ronda day trip from Seville.

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2. Córdoba

Day tours from SevilleThe impressive Mezquita in Córdoba
Sevilla Day ToursThe Roman bridge with the Mezquita in the background

If you are visiting Andalusia, it is advisable to take a day trip to Córdoba. The drive from Seville to Córdoba takes about an hour and a half (134 kilometers). Córdoba was once seen as the light of the world. The reason it got this name was because of its many universities, medical schools, libraries and cultural treasures. In the 8th century the city was conquered by Muslims. It subsequently became the capital of the Islamic Emirate and then the Caliphate of Córdoba. Nowadays you can see this history very clearly at, for example, the Mezquita mosque-cathedral. In the Mezquita you will see endless arcs of red-white colors and mighty golden mosaics. Continue exploring the historic center of Córdoba and stroll through Calle de las Flores and its flower-filled patios. Make your choice between these two excursions:

3. Carmona

Things to do near SevilleThe parador of Carmona in the 14th century fortress
What to do around Seville Spainhe town of Carmona is not far as a day trip from Seville

Visiting Carmona is also interesting if you want to take a day trip from Seville, for example this fun day trip that combines Carmona and Córdoba. The town with a rich history is only 34 kilometers away from Seville and is located on a hill. In Carmona, visit the old city center of which La Puerta de Sevilla is the main attraction. This was a gate to secure the city and when you pass the entrance you will see the old Alcázar palace. This palace is one of the most important monuments of Carmona and was built by the Carthaginians to provide protection against the Romans. Today the Alcazar is home to the Parador de Carmona, a beautiful hotel if you are looking for an overnight stay in Carmona. Near the Moorish mosque you will find the city museum, which is interesting because it has a large archaeological collection. Furthermore, just outside Carmona you can visit a Roman Necropolis with tombs from, among others, the 2nd century BC.

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4. El Caminito del Rey

Daytrips SevilleEl Caminito del Rey
Sevilla day tripsA day tour to El Caminito del Rey

Fancy an active day trip? Then book this excursion to El Caminito del Rey, or the 'Path of the King'. Depart Seville in the morning and take a two-hour drive to get to the starting point of the world-famous hiking trail El Caminito del Rey. From Ardales you take a 7 kilometer walk through the enormous Los Gaitanes gorge. For example, during the walk you cross a 100-meter suspension bridge above the El Chorro Gorge. You can walk through the beautiful Los Gaitanes gorge via well-constructed wooden boardwalks. There you will have a great view of the Guadalhorce River and you can admire rock formations.

📌 Important: El Caminito del Rey is very popular, which means it sells out quickly during high season. Therefore, always book in time this day trip from Seville or regular entrance tickets when you have your own transport.

5. Italica

Italica SpainThe Roman Amphitheater of Italica
What to do in the Seville areaMosaics from the archaeological excavations

If you want to experience the ancient Roman Empire, travel from Seville to the archaeological excavations of the ancient Roman city Italica. The archaeological park is located about 15 minutes from Seville on the spot where the emperors Hadrian and Trajan were born. Italica was founded 206 years before Christ. The archaeological site has been declared a World Heritage Site and you can see statues of Venus and Diana, the amphitheater, the Roman baths and the temple of Trajan. It is recommended to visit Italica with a guide specialized in history (more info day trips from Seville). A guide can tell you everything about Italica and what the highlights of the city are. When visiting Italica you will see amazing mosaic floors. A fun way is to book this guided Italica bike tour from Seville. Make your choice how you want to visit Italica:

6. Alhambra in Granada

Best day trip from SevilleA long day trip from Seville: Alhambra in Granada
Andalucia SpainThe Alhambra Palace in Andalusia

The Alhambra de Granada is the highlight of Andalusia, and although Granada is located 248 kilometers from Seville, it is possible to visit Granada in one day (although I recommend visiting the city in two days). During a Alhambra guided day trip you will travel to Granada and explore the special Moorish architecture. This way you will gain more knowledge about the history of the Alhambra with the adjacent Generalife gardens. If you want to see more of Granada, you can also visit the Albayzin district or the cathedral with the royal chapels. A day trip to the Alhambra Palace will be one of the highlights of your trip to Spain. This Alhambra day trip from Seville is an unforgettable experience that you will remember forever.

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7. Gibraltar

Excursion to GibraltarDay trips from Seville: the Rock of Gibraltar
gibraltarMacaques in Gibraltar

You need to travel 200 kilometers from Seville to the border to visit the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. This brings you to the southernmost point of mainland Europe. The great thing about Gibraltar is that you can see Africa on the other side. After doing this, you visit, for example, the caves of St. Michael's Cave. Special about these caves is that you see stalagmites and stalactites everywhere you look. Then, on top of the Rock of Gibraltar, you will meet the Barbary macaques, a unique wild monkey species in Europe. And if you still have some time left, you can enjoy tax-free shopping on Main Street.

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8. Mines of Aracena and Rio Tinto

Area of SevilleThe castle near Aracena
La gruta de maravillas AracenaLa gruta de maravillas of Aracena

The small village of Aracena is located 91 kilometers south of Seville? During this excursion you will visit the Dehesas de Sierra Morena biosphere reserve where, among others, NASA has a base. Explore also the Rio Tinto during a day trip. This area has been used for centuries to extract gold, silver and copper. These activities have changed the environment so much that right now it feels like you are walking around on the planet Mars. The main river flows through the old minefields and the combination of metallic minerals and slightly acidic water gives it a red color. This means that almost no life is possible in the river. Aracena is a small village in Sierra Morena and still contains roads full of stray pigs, oaks and cork trees.

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9. Jerez de la Frontera

Day tours from SevillaJerez de la Frontera
Seville day toursVisit bodegas to taste sherry

Jerez de la Frontera is located just 91 kilometers from Seville and is known for its Andalusian horses and sherry. Both provide many tourist activities. However, Jerez is also known for flamenco, although it has to share that with the city of Seville. In Jerez you can enjoy the many narrow streets and you can see it as a kind of maze where you can get lost among the old buildings. In Jerez de la Frontera you will find sherry everywhere. If you want to produce good quality sherry, you need the right grapes, the right soil conditions and the right climate. All these aspects can be found around Jerez. In Jerez you can take a tour of various bodegas and taste sherry. In addition, the city is known for its horse riding shows of Andalusian horses. Visit during your day trip to Jerez also the cathedral with a facade in both Gothic and Baroque styles.

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10. Cádiz

Day trip from SevilleCádiz as a day trip from Seville
Sevilla toursThe square with the town hall of Cádiz

The city of Cádiz is great fun as a day trip from Seville (120 kilometers). The historic town is located on a peninsula and surrounded by a promenade. The city has always played an important role in trade with the New World. The people of Cádiz are loved by their cheerful and pleasant attitude towards tourists. Visit the center with the striking cathedral, attractive squares and experience one of the oldest cities in Europe. You can relax on the beach or take a walk through the streets of El Pópulo or Barrio de la Vina. These are the most traditional and atmospheric neighborhoods of Cádiz. You can also perfectly combine a day trip to Cádiz with Jerez de la Frontera where you can taste the most famous wines.

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11. Doñana National Park

Excursion from SevilleParque Nacional Doñana, popular with birds such as flamingos
Day tours in SpainThe pilgrimage site El Rocio is located in the Doñana park

A day trip to Doñana National Park is recommended if you are staying in Seville for a few days and are looking for nature. You travel with this excursion to the visitor center in Dehesa de Abajo. The visitor center is located in the northern part of Doñana National Park. There is plenty to do in the national park. Just think of the 300 bird species, such as the Spanish imperial eagle and flamingos. The village of El Rocío is located near the national park and is a famous pilgrimage site. The pine forest of the Asperillo area is home to all kinds of large mammals such as lynx, deer and wild boar.

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